Who We Are

Shepherd’s Heart is an evangelical, missional non-profit working with churches to seek the lost and strengthen the found in the Gallatin Valley and beyond.

Who We Are 3

Our Story

In 2015 we began to explore ways to create a ministry that would help facilitate fellowship for those that didn’t regularly attend a church, as well as to look at ways to connect that were a little less corporate in feel. Home groups, men’s and women’s groups, community based service arms of the church have been on the table as we look at building the kingdom in a myriad of fashions.
Daniel was the worship pastor at Springhill Presbyterian, and Doug, after 40 years of church leadership, was interested in building an organization that would serve alongside the traditional church. Daniel needed to be freed up enough to write worship music and participate in the co-writing universe of Christian Contemporary music, while at the same time using his gifts in the local church. Additionally Daniel wanted to be a part of growing ministry that would serve those that may never attend a church service. He now leads worship part time at Springhill, and spends his time devoted to songwriting, Shepherd’s Heart, and other personal business.
With our background in traditional church building and worship, plus our joint passion for creating a model targeting those who may not desire to attend church, Shepherd’s Heart Ministry was formed. My daughter Maggie, Daniel’s sister, had started a monthly ministry called “Words for Wives” three years ago with some of her friends. Words for Wives now runs over 100 women each month at a local coffee house that has enough space for them to jam in there for their meetings. Bob Schwann, one of our partners and influencers of Shepherd’s Heart was meeting at MAP Brewery with a men’s group that was catching on, and we were impressed with the impact they were having. So with the inspiration of Words for Wives, and Bob’s group, we began the After Hours: Ribs and Brew experiment, hosting a monthly time of eating together for men only. Our objective each month is to meet in a warehouse and eat a great meal together, and then look at a Bible story together. We’ve been meeting since September 2016 and have averaged 50 men each month where we’ve eaten a ton of ribs, smoked brisket, and even had one Thanksgiving meal of turkey and the fixins’.
Our reason for existence is to make a difference in the lives of those that come. We’ve had many who have told us or the group how grateful they are for this time of growth. Many come who are fairly open about not attending a church, but are enjoying this approach to looking at the stories of the Bible. We are now involving the leadership of many of the pastors in town as they come to share, lead, and moderate discussions centered around living life alongside of God here and now. To date we’ve identified thirteen local evangelical churches that seem to have the common goal of unifying God’s church and living on mission, and are willing to participate in kingdom building using a different model.
We are here to build the church, as well as to unify the church. Our ministry focus involves Shepherd’s Heart serving the local congregation. Our goal is to build the Kingdom together, one touch at a time, however that may be.