Peter & Us 4

Peter & Us

  A recording of the Apr. 20, 2017 After Hours event for men, led by SHM co-founder, Doug Hartzheim. Enjoy finding yourself in the character and discussion of Saint Peter from the New Testament in these many passages. Get a bible ready!

Marriage Q&A Panel 6

Marriage Q&A Panel

  A recording of the Feb. 16, 2017 After Hours event for men, featuring a panel discussing topics that make for a great marriage. Panelists from left to right: Bob Schwahn (Lead Pastor of Journey Church), Elijah Scheidler, Doug Hartzheim and Jim Keena (Lead Pastor of E-Free Church). Moderated by Daniel Hartzheim (far right).

Relic or Remnant: Which one are you? 8

Relic or Remnant: Which one are you?

  https://shepherdsheartmin.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Relic-or-Remnant-Which-one-are-you.mp3 Relic // Throughout the Old Testament, the nation of Israel continually struggles with their relationship with God. God remains faithful to His covenant with Abraham and offers incredible benefits to the descendants of Abraham if they would keep covenant/loyalty with God. However, the nation of Israel often falls away from God, breaking the …

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