Inviting Disorientation

April 7, 2017
Some years ago while at the University of Birmingham, I was walking absent-mindedly (not a good condition at a university, I admit) into the Orchard Learning Center men’s bathroom, to be jolted to attention. There was a woman standing in front of the mirror. Now here are the facts. I have studied almost daily in […]
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Living with Intentionality

March 16, 2017
A recording of the Mar. 16, 2017 After Hours event for men, featuring our great friend and fellow leader, Vernon Droge. Enjoy his words of wisdom from life, books and the bible in this talk. Thank you, Vernon!
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Happiness: An Obscured Goal of Our Faith

March 8, 2017
Nearly 8,000 verses of the Bible deal with happiness. That is over 25% of all the Scriptures. Is your faith burdensome or do you experience joy?
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Growing In Step With Our Wives

February 22, 2017
This month at After Hours we attempted to have some discussion around strengthening our relationships with our wives. Sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we don’t, but I hope you were able to take away some strategies that will help in your marriage. I thought Jim Keena’s example of him stopping by his wife’s […]
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Marriage Q&A Panel

February 16, 2017
A recording of the Feb. 16, 2017 After Hours event for men, featuring a panel discussing topics that make for a great marriage. Panelists from left to right: Bob Schwahn (Lead Pastor of Journey Church), Elijah Scheidler, Doug Hartzheim and Jim Keena (Lead Pastor of E-Free Church). Moderated by Daniel Hartzheim (far right).
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Multifaceted Personalities

February 10, 2017
My wife, Marcy, likes stickers. She has flair that way and our Christmas tree is decorated underneath with a host of exquisitely and creatively wrapped packages. On a note of less warmth, research is about details, websites, search protocols, notes, and bibliographies. How do I keep track of it all? Following the advice of a […]
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Breaking the Chain of Dysfunctional Family Culture

January 12, 2017
Virtually all families pass on behavioral patterns, for better or worse. Dr. Derry Long discusses breaking the chain of dysfunctional family culture in this video, drawing from stories in the book of Genesis in the Bible for examples.
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Modeling Good Behavior

January 9, 2017
We should seek to live in such a way that we not only break the chain of dysfunction, ensuring the best percentage chance of a good life for those nearest to us, but we also need to model love, compassion, and understanding. It’s easier to talk about it than it is to model it, but […]
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Relic or Remnant: Which one are you? Relic // Throughout the Old Testament, the nation of Israel continually struggles with their relationship with God. God remains faithful to His covenant with Abraham and offers incredible benefits to the descendants of Abraham if they would keep covenant/loyalty with God. However, the nation of Israel often falls away from God, breaking the […]
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Respect, Honor, and the Attraction to a Happy Face

September 3, 2016
I want to touch on the subject of respect.  I’ve heard it said that it is very difficult to love someone if we don’t respect them.  If that is true, perhaps we should focus on managing our respect level towards our spouse. In my last article, I blogged about the power of touch, and how […]
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