Doug Hartzheim

Doug is a co-founder of Shepherd's Heart Ministries and the patron chef for our meal-based events. He is married to Margo, has four children, Taylor, Daniel, Maggie and Hayley, and six grandchildren. Doug is a savvy businessman, a pilot, and is an incredible shot with a rifle or shotgun.

holding you back standing in the way

What’s Holding You Back?

We don’t often think about it as much as we should, but we are all building legacies, relationships, reputations, and the like. We can be incredibly focused on our work as we build these parts of our lives, and we can also be neglectful. What habits and behaviors are holding you back from shaping the life you desire?

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Your Conversion Factor

After years of being involved in a manufacturing industry, I’ve always been intrigued by the “conversion factor” of raw materials. » Are you living a life of purpose, integrity, impact, legacy, and multiplication? Allow God to partner with you to have a larger-than-life conversion factor.

Peter & Us 2

Peter & Us

  A recording of the Apr. 20, 2017 After Hours event for men, led by SHM co-founder, Doug Hartzheim. Enjoy finding yourself in the character and discussion of Saint Peter from the New Testament in these many passages. Get a bible ready!