Deliver Hope in a time of Desperation

Join us in funding housing in Poland to support Ukrainian refugees.

The situation is dire

Can you imagine losing everything during a violent assault on your city? Can you imagine having to leave on foot without your husband and with children to care for?

These families have no supplies, no shelter, little money, and little hope.
Together we are changing that.
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Creating Smiles And Empowering Lives

by Jennifer Knight
Our incredible team in Poland works diligently to serve Ukrainian refugees with nourishing meals, offering invaluable teachings and crafts for the little ones. Find out how this remarkable group helps create smiles and empower lives!
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Stories Of Survival

by Shepherd's Heart Ministries
September 3, 2023
War impacts people on both sides of borders. Doug shares stories of survival from his visit to Poland.
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Incredible Things Happening In Poland

by Shepherd's Heart Ministries
July 21, 2023
We want to share with you all the incredible things happening in Poland. Over the past few weeks, we have seen healings, salvations, and baptisms. We began a second language class, hosted humanitarian aid distributions, and so much more.
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The Opportunity

In April of 2022, one of our directors, Doug Hartzheim, felt led to organize a trip to Poland with a couple of pastors to find out how Shepherd's Heart Ministries and partner ministries could band together to support Ukrainian refugees.

On the first day of the trip, the team met up with Convoy of Hope – a faith-based, nonprofit that feeds children and provides disaster response worldwide. It was there they met a missionary, Peter Paluch, who was able to convey the relief efforts in place for refugees as well as those left behind in Ukraine. The team also met pastor Alex who is connected with numerous churches throughout Poland and is helping coordinate the sorting and delivery of relief goods.

From these relationships, one need emerged in discussions and planning in which Shepherd's Heart could immediately assist: finances to rent a facility where multiple refugee families could live. 

After identifying the need for housing and working with the local church in Lublin, Poland, SHM has already funded the first facility which will be used for both housing and church meetings. The first month's rent was wired on April 7. Now we are raising funds for two more housing facilities that will house 3-4 families each.

We are so thankful for pastors, church leaders, and all who have had a heart for Ukraine and are rising to the occasion. Thank you! You are already making a difference!
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We are helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland in two ways:

1. Housing. Shepherd's Heart is providing 100% of the funds to rent a housing and church facility that currently hosts three families and may soon increase to four families. We are also raising funds to add two more housing facilities to serve additional families.

2. Monthly income subsidy assistance. Through our friend, missionary Joel Colon in Lublin, we are supporting three families with a monthly income subsidy of $300 per month. This is separate from the facility rental we are providing to the church itself. This subsidy is not sufficient to pay for all the groceries needed, or all of the monthly housing needs, but it will be a bit of a boost to these that are already doubled up with others in their housing situation.
At this time, we are providing an income subsidy of $300 per month to three families. This is separate from the new housing facility we funded.
For housing, our goal is to fund the rent of 3 facilities that would be sufficient for around 12 families. Additionally, a church meets in our current facility. We are therefore raising $150,000.

For monthly income subsidy assistance, we have met our goal of 3 families at $300 per month. Our priority is the housing facilities. If we raise enough money beyond that, we will seek to subsidize additional families.
We have leased the facility for one year and the local church will determine how long each family will be able to stay. 
Yes! The church in Poland has a term, "Soul Care," that is synonymous with our use of the concept of shepherding and discipleship. They are very committed to going beyond providing food and housing by providing counseling and mentoring in the name of Jesus. The Polish church leaders are committed to preparing refugees for eternity. In fact, each housing facility funded by Shepherd's Heart will have a local church leader living in it to build relationships, shepherd the community, and make disciples.
We are working closely with missionaries and pastors who are part of an alliance of 65 pentecostal churches in Poland and Ukraine.
100% of your donation goes to paying the rent for our facilities that are housing Ukrainian refugees in Lublin, Poland.

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