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Life's too short to feel lost and alone

Many feel disconnected. Few know where they're going. You were created for more.
In today's modern world, people are more disconnected than ever. Through innovative ministry efforts in partnership with local churches, Shepherd's Heart Ministries helps people re-connect with themselves, each other, and God so they feel less alone and live with greater purpose.
Live on purpose

Align yourself with people who live with purpose and impact



Meet like-minded people so you don't have to go it alone.


Expand your worldview through inspiring people, stories, and scripture.


Discover why God created you so you can step into your purpose and impact your world.
Live on purpose

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Be reminded of who you are, Whose you are, and why you're here.

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Let's climb higher

Funds used for charitable activity
Hot meals served
New nonprofits seeded

What to expect

At Shepherd's Heart Ministries, we create environments to help you get connected with like-minded people, consider what's holding you back, and hear local stories and relatable scriptures that inspire you to awaken to the idea of God's powerful existence, His pure goodness toward you, and His grand purpose for your life.

You must take the steps down the path toward a more meaningful existence on planet earth. No one can do it for you. Ultimately, you will change the trajectory of your life with the decisions you make.
Live on purpose

No Excuses

How you prioritize your time will determine how you feel and where you go in life. If you're struggling to find meaningful relationships or direction in your life, you need to prioritize your time in a way that changes that. Shepherd's Heart events exist to facilitate positive change in your life.
Our events are designed to be as interactive or introverted as you choose. If you just want to soak it in, then don't feel the need to join in our speaker-led discussions around the tables.
God is definitely present in nature in an overwhelming way and we all love Montana for that reason. However, he speaks through a variety of modalities that you can't find in nature alone. Open yourself to what He may want to speak to you through meaningful conversations and His scripture at a few of our events. The great outdoors will still be waiting.
We feature an ever-growing and diverse roster of inspiring speakers to keep inspiration fresh and wisdom constant. If you open your mind and heart, you may hear just the thing you needed to start experiencing a meaningful change in your life.
99% of our events are free to attend - even our famous ribs & brew nights. If you're able to help cover the cost with a donation of any amount, great! If not, we understand and someone else will cover your meal for you. Additionally, 99.5% of donations go directly to charitable activity. We have no rent, utilities, or staff as we are volunteer-based.

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Creating Smiles And Empowering Lives

by Jennifer Knight
Our incredible team in Poland works diligently to serve Ukrainian refugees with nourishing meals, offering invaluable teachings and crafts for the little ones. Find out how this remarkable group helps create smiles and empower lives!
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Stories Of Survival

by Shepherd's Heart Ministries
September 3, 2023
War impacts people on both sides of borders. Doug shares stories of survival from his visit to Poland.
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Incredible Things Happening In Poland

by Shepherd's Heart Ministries
July 21, 2023
We want to share with you all the incredible things happening in Poland. Over the past few weeks, we have seen healings, salvations, and baptisms. We began a second language class, hosted humanitarian aid distributions, and so much more.
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After Hours

Latest videos

Pursuing the Light

by Shepherd's Heart Ministries
May 16, 2019
Recorded live at After Hours Ribs & Brew on May 16, 2019. Featuring (left to right) Fred Bucher, Daniel Mouw, and Sam Bennett.
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Engaging Grief with a Good God

by Cody Whittington
October 21, 2017
How does pain, suffering & evil coexist with an all-powerful, all-loving God? Explore God's mystery, movement, and meaning in the midst of our grief.
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Watch now

Adam LaRoche shares his story

Gain some wisdom for life right now from former Major League Baseball star and hunting fanatic, Adam LaRoche.
Adam LaRoche shares his story at After Hours in Bozeman - Shepherd's Heart MinistriesWatch now »

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